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SOLD: E.H. Scott AC-10 Radio, with cabinet, nice

I am selling a 1929 E.H. Scott AC-10 receiver. This is an AM-only radio, and uses 11 tubes; eight in the upper radio chassis, and three in the audio amplifier/power supply chassis.

When I bought this radio, it had a mixture of globe and ST tubes in it. I have installed a complete set of globe tubes in it, all of which were tested prior to installation with a Heathkit TT-1 mutual conductance tube tester, and all tubes test good. I felt that a radio of this quality deserved to have all globe tubes. This is the only thing that I have done to this radio. It appears that this set was never serviced other than replacement of tubes; the paper capacitors under the main chassis appear to be the originals.

I was told that this radio was still in working condition when I bought it; but with the AC cord being in very bad shape, I was not about to plug it in and try it for myself.

The cabinet is in very good condition with a few scuffs and scratches as shown in the pictures.

I have taken many pictures of this radio, both the entire set and the individual upper chassis, lower chassis, and speaker including under-chassis views of both chassis. These may be seen here:

I am asking $1000 or a reasonable offer for this radio.

I prefer that the radio be picked up here in Ferdinand, Indiana. However, I am willing to deliver the radio up to 500 miles for a fee. I am willing to work with you in getting this set to you.

For anyone within driving range of Lexington, Kentucky, I would be happy to deliver this radio to the swap meet in Lexington this Saturday. See this link for details:

You may send me an email at mr.philco at yahoo dot com for more information.

Thank you for your consideration.

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The radio has been sold. Thanks.

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