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I just recently purchased a Philharmonic in a Warrington cabinet.  Everything is there except the wood trim on the upper left front side of the cabinet is missing pieces.

Is there anyone out there that makes these pieces? 

Thank you,


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Many, many years ago there was a fellow made a few of them, but I haven't seen or heard of anyone doing it in a very long time. I would think with the laser-cut tools these days it would be easy. Anyone know more?


Do you have a photo of the cabinet?

would help to identify the part you want.


Hagstar on ARF had them cut by a company. 

See last post here:

Message him and hopefully he still has the artwork file.  He sent it to me a number of years ago, but I don't think I have it anymore. 

If you can get hold of the file, or a high res image and what lumber it's made from I would be more than happy to laser cut them for you,

Thank you for all the responses. I have reached out to someone on the Antique Radio site that hopefully can help me with the necessary file for fabricating the lattice. 

I’ve advertised some of the lattice I had NC cut here earlier. No takers. They are thin purposefully so bent easily, idea was to layer them to satisfactory thickness approx 3/32”. I’ve some left a couple that would pass as front surface pieces, others as backers. Either way, a good shop with NC or robot can easily trace. They can be seen at ARF in the classified section or email me for photos directly

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