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I thought you folks would enjoy this album, I specialize in high end basket cases.

It's been a long slog starting out with only the panel cores and trim. BUT as you can see the Philharmonic cabinet is looking great again, just need to repro the missing trim pieces or make something close at least. Corner trim was laser cut after I created an engineering file with pieces of old trim. All veneer is new except control panel and top which were largely intact. NOW there's a few weeks/months of chassis restoration, which is in much better shape.....



John H.

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PS- Grill "buttons" are here-

WOW!  What a project. And I thought my large size Tasman with the foot high water mark was a challenge. Looks like a great success nearing the end. Good going!!

I hate to put all of the effort into a basket case, until it's finished of course. Then it's all the more satisfying. Excellent work John.

Amazing!  Good work, John!

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