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Hi,This is my Scott Philharmonic, I am trying to fix it, I would like to know where to plug in REEL TO REEL or phono, how do I switch them?ThankS! Kimi

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I had more trouble, the woofer cone was completely shattered and all the speakers fell out of the chassis, but the tweeter thankfully has a metal mask and the tweeter is fine.

The base is mostly intact, I'll fix the broken wood, but the fabric of those grilles all need to be replaced, does anyone have these? Other than that I might need a speaker, 15" to match the Philharmonic?

The chassis and tuner are also very troublesome. I looked at various pictures and materials, but I still didn't expect that they could not be replaced directly. Any good suggestions? I may have to change the base.

It's a big hassle...

Looks like someone shipped that cabinet with the speakers inside it...big mistake. 

Your tuner chassis would have originally had a 4 piece setup- that includes a 8 ohm, 15" speaker that is face mount and not on a pedestal.  It also includes 2 tweeters which are almost always permanent magnet, and a crossover to drive all 3 speakers.  That is a very difficult setup to find.  The individual pieces come up occasionally, but not the whole setup. 

You could also use a 15" pedestal speaker instead of the above crossover setup. 

When you say "change the base", I assume you are referring to the tuner chassis.  The simplest chassis to work on is probably the AM only non-remote ones, but still, they are for a veteran tech if you want to get one running correctly.  

Do you have a scanner?

I could arrange to laser cut replacements


Yes, I bought it, I gave up on the AW23.

I seem to have found a way to modify it, just re-customize this section, thicken it, and have the same three bars as below, and it will fit the Philharmonic.

I need a 15" bass, please email me if anyone sells it. I currently have a college 15" 8 ohm coax in mine, can it be retrofitted to a radio?

I don't think I'll be able to find an original crossover for a while.


Thanks for your help, I don't have a 3D scanner but I have the original drawings and did need to recut the panels for the Philharmonic, I have an original but it's too wide and too long. After raising the original height, I also needed to redo two doors, hahaha, a whole lot of work to do.


mike hadley said:

Do you have a scanner?

I could arrange to laser cut replacements


The scanner doesen't need to be 3d, an ordinary document scanner will do or a reasonable drawing,

once in the cad package the dimensions are easily changed to fit.

I have found the fabric, E. H. Scott "Aztec"

I can try.

mike hadley said:

The scanner doesen't need to be 3d, an ordinary document scanner will do or a reasonable drawing,

once in the cad package the dimensions are easily changed to fit.

You can make your own crossover if you want to use an 8 ohm speaker.  Use a Hammond 1650K or similar output transformer designed to be driven by quad 6L6's.  The rest is easy to get, a couple of chokes and capacitors. 

I replaced a blown output transformer with a 1650K and it works excellent, probably much better than the original ones that barely had any iron in them.

Your new speaker pictured has a permanent magnet, so, you would need to make a substitute for the tapped field coil, using a couple power resistors with some heft of like resistance as per the Philly diagram. You will need a suitable 40 watt or so rated output transformer suitable for a quad of push-pull parallel 6L6's. Should be possible to make your own crossover for more contemporary speakers. But you still need to replicate a power resistor replacement for the Philharmonic speaker field coil as a separate outboard unit for heat dissipation. 

The speaker, field coil tweeters, and output transformer from your trashed AW-23 are electrically way wrong for a Philharmonic. A quad of 2A3s triodes is not equal to a quad of 6L6s power beam tubes.

The field coil is not only to energize a magnet for the voice coil to work against, but is also part of the high voltage circuit to smooth out the pulsating high voltage DC from the rectifier tubes.

I do not see how you could possible fit a Philharmonic into a Laureate Grand console which is sized for an AW-23. Not only is the cabinet receiver shelf depth way to short, but the height of the front panel area is too short to accommodate the big green dial and eye tubes. The Laureate Grande console is rather top heavy with an AW-23, and likely dangerously unstable with a receiver the weight and size of the Philharmonic.

(Yes -I have an AW-23 in a Laureate Grande cabinet and also Philharmonic receivers in other cabinets.)

Richmond's  version Aztec fabric is the only repo Scott cloth I know of currently.

The solution is too complicated for me. I can only find a suitable 15-inch speaker first. Is the 15-inch bass coaxial? just a bass?

I raised a part of the Laureate Grande some height and I tested it with the Philharmonic front panel and it fits. Need to customize a narrower front panel.

There is no turning back, I can only implement it little by little according to the idea.

thank you very much!

I made a speaker substitute box for my philharmonic a few years ago, you don't have to make something as elaborate but this works

I'm using a generic 15" PM speaker.

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