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I need an  AW12 power supply.  As it turns out I have two AW12 two dial power supplies so I might be willing to trade one for the AW12 single dial version.



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Joe  -  So first and foremost - The 2-DIAL power supply amp has the big, ceramic  power resistor with several taps - it is the B-divider. The 12 tube DELUXE (single dial model) power supply does not, because the B divider was relocated in the Deluxe receiver.

However, there is more than one version of the DELUXE power supply. Be careful. 

Does your receiver use all 6 of the Jones plug pins? (the last version and rather uncommon)

Does your receiver use only 5 of the 6 Jones plug pins? (not common of both the non-AVC and the AVC models.

Or does your receiver has an 8 pin Jones Plug, (for the early version non-AVC Deluxe model, and may lack the chrome cover over the )power transformer laminations).

Hi Dave, my receiver has the six pin Jones plug but I don't know if out uses all six pins or not. I'll have to dig it out to see. It's kind of buried right now.

Just pull back the Jones plug cover and look if pin 6 is unused.

Or see if there is a medium size choke inside the chassis near the 56 2nd AF tube. Be connected to the plate  pin of that tube socket. 

I tried to pull the plug cover back, but motion is blocked by a nicely taped strain relief that i didn't want to remove.  The chassis is going to be a challenge to get at, but if someone has a spare PS I will dig it out before making a deal.

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