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Hi All,

I recenty scored two Philharmoincs from a Jim Sargant auction.  Have been sporadically searching for a Philharmonic for years and was relieved to finally hit pay dirt.  In any case, I am looking for cabinets for my new acquisitions.  If anyone has a cabinet surplus to their needs (or knows someone who might) I'd certainly welcome a 'heads up'.  Hope all have a wonderful New Year!

Nick  K5EF

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Comment by Nick Tusa on January 1, 2022 at 4:28pm

Hi David,

Oh, I'm took ages for me to find even one Philharmonic that was relatively close by and then it was suddenly two!  I can refurbish a rough is just finding one that is dimensionally right.  There are even some friends that enjoy wood working/furniture that perhaps could be encouraged to make  a cabinet if I had good photos of a viable sample. And yes, I had thought about an old TV cabinet but will spend a bit more time trying to find a true Scott cabinet to rebuild.  Eventually one will show up.  

Have a nice new year David and thanks for the info!

Comment by David C. Poland on January 1, 2022 at 3:52pm

Nick  - empty Philly cabinets are rather scarce, but do show up. Patience.

But be aware the Philharmonic requires a big deep cabinet. Starting with 1937, Scott offered cabinets sized for his smaller radios like the Sixteen and Phantom that will not accommodate a Philharmonic, nor will those smaller cabinets have a hinged top.

If you are handy, you could tackle a rough cabinet with a junker Philharmonic. Or some other large cabinet. 50 years ago I repurposed a mid 1920's Victor Credenza cabinet to hold my Philharmonic the next 40 years until I sourced a restorable Scott cabinet. Still have that Victor cabinet, now empty.

Some 1950's larger TV consoles are are also candidates. See the black version Chinese style Stromberg-Carlsone on eBay number:184194447675 ending today. I repurposed the red version and know it can accommodate a Philharmonic.

Good luck.

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