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Ever since I first heard of EH Scott radios and joined this forum, I've been looking for a Philharmonic to "fall into my lap". Well, when Ron R. sold me his Marine SLRM I saw his AM/FM Philharmonic sitting in the corner.  When he offered it for sale, I knew I would own it, I just didn't know how soon.  Now, a couple of months later, it's here in my possession.  Thank you Ron!

This will be a major project including some re-chroming.  I want to do the radio and Ron proud!  I heard Dave's (in Northern Michigan) Philharmonic (and a lot of other radios!) and decided I needed to get right on it.  So, the work has begun.  I decided to start with the amp/power supply as that is the easiest.  Because of all the small parts around the transformers, it's also the most expensive to re-chrome (driver transformer cover, IF shields and tube shields will not be re-chromed as they can easily be destroyed, though I may give Dave's re-chroming shop in Milwaukee a try.)

This Philharmonic did not have tweeters.  I would like to add them if i can find a set.

Also, since the FM is useless without a converter to the current FM frequencies, I'll be looking for a converter.  i saw the schematic in the archives.  Maybe i'll have to build one.




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Comment by Norman S Braithwaite on January 13, 2021 at 8:16pm

The cost to replate aluminum shield cans is much greater than the cost to replate zinc shield cans.


Comment by Kent King on January 13, 2021 at 2:11pm

This is why I would only consider rechroming for historically significant sets - a Special, a Quaranta, etc. Anything more common is simply not worth it - if you are patient, there are some very nice examples of the regular production chassis out there. Just my 2c, but the only things I've worked on to rechrome are the one of a kind sort of chassis...


Comment by Robert Feenstra on January 13, 2021 at 12:32pm

Thank you EPA!  Yes, there is no way I can get all such components re-chromed.  One gets way too many $$$ tied up that are unrecoverable.  It would only be for personal satisfaction.  I will have to live with some bubbles on the rest of the coil covers and tube covers.

Comment by Scott Seickel on January 13, 2021 at 12:24pm

So doing all the tube and coil covers plus tuning capacitor cover, eye brackets, bass boost box (if you have one)  plus the main chassis would end up being about $2300 or so assuming the tube covers are about $40 each.  I have had the chrome dial bracket redone on one set and my Philharmonic that was rechromed I did the RF/OSC compartment dividers underneath in satin nickle along with the cover that goes over that area.  Wow, I can't believe what the prices are up to now for chroming. 

Comment by Scott Seickel on January 13, 2021 at 8:40am

Wow! that really went up in price!.  Kinda makes me wish I would have done a bunch of them back then. 

Comment by Robert Feenstra on January 12, 2021 at 11:16pm

Advanced Plating is recently moved and they are now in Portland, TN, a bit outside of Nashville.  The price on the covers is now $65 each - ouch!  I sent in the 2 that were bubbled the most.  I'm afraid if I don't do the rest, it'll look funny!

Wait time is 10 to 12 weeks.

Comment by Scott Seickel on January 12, 2021 at 10:12pm

Looks great Robert.  The extra thickness is the copper used to fill in the pits so they can make them smooth.  The thickness should be all on the outside.  Just be real careful cleaning out holes as sometimes it can cause the nickel/chrome layer to start peeling.  

Kent, Advanced Plating is in Nashville TN.  They are probably one of the best places to get plating done on Scott's.  They have done a number of EH Scott parts for John Goller and others, including the aluminum covers.  

This is what Advanced quoted me several years ago.  I bet the coil covers are up to $40 each.  Hard to justify the price to do a whole set.  

Comment by Kent King on January 12, 2021 at 6:14pm

Very nice - where is advanced plating? The one chassis I worked on after replating did require me to drill out and/or tap the holes, the chrome filled them in. How much were the coil covers? I didn't think most places could do those.

Comment by Robert Feenstra on January 12, 2021 at 4:48pm

My tuner chassis came back from Advanced Plating today.  Looks fantastic!  However,  They sure added a lot of metal to things.  The coil covers look great, but compare the thickness with an un-plated original.  I hope I'll be able to get the can back on.  I may have to re-tap all of the threaded screw holes in the chassis.

Comment by Kent King on November 21, 2020 at 10:53pm

This seems like a good place to tell everyone: Dave Poland brought me his <early> FM Philharmonic manual. The one here on the site was a <late> version, several differences were found in the early manual. I have updated the folder in the Info Archive, both manuals are now available there.


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