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At 5:27pm on February 28, 2020, Thomas Day said…
Mike: Nice power supply. I can source a similar used Heathkit supply here on Ebay.
I worked for them from 1967 thru 1974. I left in 1975. Here, Hammond transformer company makes suitable transformers for tube equipment at reasonable prices. I also have several Hammond organ Leslie amplifiers that have a balanced input. Since I would also need 6.3 volts at 5 amps for the filaments, a complete transformer supply would be better. When I bought my Allwave 23, the one question I didn't ask was does it work? The answer as I found out was no. The power transformer had a shorted winding. Thru this list I was able to find a company in Michigan that could wind a new one. Took several months, and since we go the Muskegon Mi. in October, and the company is on the way, I was able to pick up the new one. Minor construction differences required a custom mount, but it works just fine. For my needs, I would only need the tuner B+ and -20 volts for the bias circuits. I would also need to source the 7 pin socket to match the tuner plug. Since it is different from the standard 7 pin, that could be hard to find. I enjoy your posts on restorations.
At 6:29pm on February 28, 2020, mike hadley said…


Thank heaven for Hammond, my Mcmurdo v had the tone stack hacked out, long before the set came into my possession, I ran the tone schematic through ltspice to get the inductor values, Mouser provided.

I now have accumulated parts to build the combined psu and amp, luckily I have enough bench supplies to prove the radio is working.

I quite often find that if you keep chipping away, rather than tearing into a project, it allows thinking time. This helps to find the best way around a problem.

And as you know I found a way around the seven pin socket problem for my Philly a while ago.


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