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At 8:48am on July 3, 2018, Scott Petersen said…

Hi James,

What's up?

I have seen this post (from you) in many locations on the net, with a private profile, that cannot be viewed, seems like a scam, or phishing, You can PM me if this is legit.

At 10:04am on July 3, 2018, Robert Feenstra said…

Hi Scott.  You must have gotten a PM from James Pollard?  I did as well.  I suspect some sort of scam.  I emailed him using his given email and so far have not received a response.  It may have been a mistake to email him!

At 10:18am on July 3, 2018, Scott Petersen said…

No PM, but it does seem fishy. I reported it as a possible scam to Kent King(moderator?), as James Pollard's profile is private, and can't be viewed. This address shows up on the net with the exact same post on several websites across the net.

At 2:40pm on July 3, 2018, Fran Mayer said…

I received a similar request today to contact James as he had "something very vital" to disclose to me. There were enough grammatical errors in the email to alert me that this was a possible scam. I did not reply. 

At 11:09pm on July 3, 2018, Lars Edwards said…

I also received a similar request today to discuss something very vital.  I did not reply.

At 7:36pm on January 3, 2020, Scott Petersen said…

I also received it, i think it is fishy

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