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At 3:29pm on March 16, 2020, Thomas Fickau said…


Thanks for your response.   Your family radio along with the supporting documentation is very neat.   As fate would have it.....just this Past Friday I was able to purchase a Model 16 that is exactly identical to yours (In the same cabinet).  It was purchased by a local Milwaukee gentleman that appreciated Scott products but sat untouched for a bit over 40 years until I purchased it.   That very day I started cleaning the chrome on both receiver and amp.  The following day (Sat) original finish cabinet was cleaned and came back beautifully.   The next day (Sun) I took that receiver and amp to an experienced friend in the area to start looking over what is needed electronically.   So, in short order, I'm on track to get another Scott back on line.

Thanks to all for your input,


At 9:17pm on April 3, 2020, Thomas Fickau said…


I am getting closer on the full rebuild of the Model 16 I recently acquired.    A local fella is diggin it.   He's the one with the degree in electrical engineering.   He asked if I knew of any other Model 16 that was available.   Is yours still available?    If so, how much would you want for it?


You can private message me at if you'd like.

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