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Over the last several days I have been working to get the 800B chassis to fit into my Metropolitan 16A cabinet. As part of the process I have moved the AM loop antenna somewhat forward inside the cabinet. It lies in the speaker enclosure part of the cabinet. There is only a very thin piece of plywood or Masonite on the back of the speaker enclosure area which will not be good for dealing with the planned bass reflex I will be creating in the cabinet. I have the speaker baffle board out of the cabinet for now. The grill cloth has to be replaced. It is badly faded and there is a dark stain in it around the circumference of the speaker opening. I will be looking for and ordering a suitable new replacement grill cloth. I will try to find something as close as possible to the OEM cloth, but so far I have not found anything that truly matches the design of the original cloth.

I need to add some wood cleats to the back of the speaker enclosure area in order to adequately secure and seal the back of that area with at least 5/8" plywood. Also, even the existing back cover had screw holes for the top edge of the cover just under the record changer compartment. Unfortunately there was no wood behind them to secure that edge from the time it was manufactured. I will put the OEM back cover in place after the new plywood piece has been installed so it will look like it originally did.

I had to re-fill some screw holes for the metal angle bracket I used in the radio tuner chassis area. one side somehow wound up lower than the other side. I used a depth gauge to discover this after sliding the door under the chassis caused a scuff mark along the low side. I may also add a thin soft felt strip to help prevent this before final assembly.

The completion is in sight now.


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