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Kent King's Discussions

Scott Special available

Started Mar 31 0 Replies

I am assisting another individual in helping sell a Scott Special Communications Receiver. It is on a custom built rolling stand, with the original speaker and amplifier. Based on the serial number,…Continue

Philosophical Debate

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ken Carr Mar 17. 15 Replies

I bought a World Record Super 9 at the Estes auction last weekend (photos attached). This is supposed to be the set described in the March 1927 issue of Citizen's Radio Callbook. I say supposed to be…Continue

Scott Masterpiece alignment

Started this discussion. Last reply by Kent King Feb 9. 4 Replies

Small puzzler this evening...I am aligning a Scott Masterpiece that I just overhauled. The set plays well, and all the tuning adjustments went "by the book" except for one: the 1st IF, under the…Continue

2017 begins with our 500th member!

Started Jan 2 0 Replies

The request arrived yesterday (1/1), but I didn't get it until this morning...1/1/17 saw our 500th member join the group! I hope this is a good omen for 2017 and the future of the group. Thanks to…Continue

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Kent King replied to mike hadley's discussion Old tube boxes
"I've got some nice Wunderlich boxes, I'll try to get some good images this weekend. Kent"
May 25
Kent King commented on Steve Larrabee's blog post EH Scott Model 510 Tuner Service Manual/Alignment
"Both the Owner's and Technical manuals for the 510 can be found in the Scott Info Archive link above. Set Folders -> Late Sets and you should find PDFs for your set. Good luck, you'll enjoy it when you get it playing. Kent"
May 22
Kent King replied to Angelo's discussion Phantom AM Deluxe questions
"First off, alignment. Go to the "Scott Info Archive" link up above. Navigate to Set Folders > Phantom> and then look for the service manuals (PDF files). There is one for the Phantom Deluxe, that is your model. It gives all…"
May 5
Kent King replied to Jon Ketron's discussion 1934 AW 15 Electrical Restoration, Questions Please
"Jon - The AW15 is quite probably the most unstable Scott chassis of all the models. Even in the late 1930s, Scott referred to Type I, II and III AW15 sets. I don't think that any two sets I've seen are identical, and I have probably a…"
Apr 25
Kent King and mike hadley are now friends
Apr 17
Kent King replied to Joe Miller's discussion Scott AC10 Questions
"Joe - In answer to some of your questions:  1. My trimmers do not return, they stay where set. I have two AC-10 sets at present and have owned others. 2. I have not tried to balance and AC-10, the ones I've owned played pretty nicely…"
Apr 17
Kent King replied to Dave Cleland's discussion World's Record Super 9
"Dave - I am glad you found this set...I've had pictures of it in the past, but had never been able to track it down. No for the bad news: This is a 9 tube set that I haven't found any documentation about. On the brighter side: The Scott…"
Apr 17
Kent King replied to mike hadley's discussion Wax caps
"I keep all the original paper caps from Scott sets and restuff them for important/relevant sets. When I recapped my Scott Special about 15 years ago, every cap was replaced with a stuffed cap using ones from the set or others from comparable period…"
Apr 14
Kent King commented on mike hadley's photo


"That's pretty cool...while they didn't have anything like that with their name on it, I'll bet EH <would> have had it if practical. I like it."
Apr 14
Kent King replied to mike hadley's discussion Wax caps
"Sorry, bad grammar alert: The chassis I pulled the bathtubs from for you had its caps replaced, so they were not good what I meant to say."
Apr 12
Kent King replied to mike hadley's discussion Wax caps
"Mike - Here are two views of a cap I took from an AW15, originals in this particular chassis (there are several others in the chassis, all identical except values). I chassis I pulled parts from has had the caps replaced, this one was clearly more…"
Apr 12
Kent King replied to Joe Miller's discussion Why different Scott Coils
"Joe - I went out to the workshop tonight and dug through my AW12-2 coils. First - the 4 pin coils like you have pictured are for the oscillator. All of the coils on the RF side are the same, using a standard 5-pin tube socket with a center pin. The…"
Apr 10
Kent King replied to William David Howard's discussion Which Philly do I have?
"Dave - Can you post a few pictures of the chassis? It may help to determine if it isn't the FM set. I'm almost certain it is an FM set (broken dial is correct). Reason is...BB443 was built on 22-Aug-1942. So your set was probably built…"
Apr 8
Kent King replied to Joe Miller's discussion Why different Scott Coils
"I am aware of two different coil sets. The most visible difference between the early and late coils was the addition of a center pin and contact switch under the chassis for the RF coil. This allowed Scott to do away with the two different grid…"
Apr 5
Kent King replied to Joseph W Strickland's discussion Scott News V10N7?
"SN-12-37 is the issue you want...its in the Archive."
Apr 5
Kent King and Jon Ketron are now friends
Apr 2

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Kent King's Blog

Super XII Restoration

Posted on January 27, 2017 at 1:48pm 8 Comments

A Fast Tour


The first step I always take is to remove all the tubes, shields, covers and anything else that can be removed from the chassis. This leaves us with something that looks like this:


And underneath we have:…


Shield Grid 9 SW coils

Posted on February 11, 2016 at 10:03pm 1 Comment

Scott made plug-in SW coils for the Shield Grid 9. I'm researching them a bit and I could use more data points. If ANY of you have some of the SG9 SW coils, please contact me. I've got a few questions for you. Thanks!

AW 23 help needed

Posted on June 1, 2015 at 9:49am 10 Comments

Ok I have an AW 23 that I fully restored about 4-5 years ago. Played great. For lots of reasons, it hasn't been run much since then. I ran it up on the Variac this weekend, and here's what happened: AM and first SW band are dead, and the osc VR tubes don't light. On SW2 and SW3, osc VR lights up and the set plays great. Good audio on the phono input too.

So I take the tuner apart and check the osc circuit. The grid resistor is significantly off value, so I replace it. Clean…


Update to Scott Info Archive

Posted on May 27, 2015 at 8:21am 1 Comment

Fellow member Dave Poland asked me a question about the service manual for the Sixteen. That query made me realize that I did not have the PDF file in the "Scott Info Archive". I have just added two Sixteen service manuals to that folder in the Archive. Both manuals appear to be missing pages 7-8....however. the full size schematic is what spans pages 7-8, so those pages aren't missing, you just need to look at the diagram for those pages.

Please let me know if there is other…


Comment Wall (17 comments)

At 4:54pm on March 3, 2010, Merle Jones said…
Hello Kent, long time since we've last spoke. Thanks for the invite. I look forward to conversing with you and all the other Scott collectors and seeing their nice radios. -Merle
At 6:34pm on May 23, 2011, Thomas Day said…


In a post you mentioned having a check list for the allwave 23. Is there a link to that here?

Having a new transformer made and want to be sure everything else is good. The power supply had been re capped at some point. Haven't looked at the main chassis yet except to determine that it needed one tube which I have replaced. I have the operation and service manuals coming from Great Northern.



At 10:20pm on April 1, 2012, Renee A. Zeller said…

Kent.....thank you..... I would love more information on the Sheraton cabinet with a Laureate chassis  - if you could provide some PDF's that would be wonderful.  This has been sitting in the corner of my Great Grandfathers cabin ever since I was young.....I never realized what it was until last summer when I uncovered it and looked at it....but I finally took some pictures so I could ask about it.  Thank you again for your time.....I may bug you again with a few more questions when I take a look at it closer this Spring when I am up North at the cabin!  Renee:).   If you'd like to email the PDF's my e-mail is   Thanks:)

At 11:35am on December 28, 2012, Richard Green said…

Kent, got a quick question.  In photos 19 thru 24 of your photos, what is that device?  I have something like that has either 5 or 6 of those tubes.



At 4:05pm on December 28, 2012, Kent King said…

That is the Scott FM changes 88-108 FM down to 42-50 so that the older FM tuners could receive the modern band established post-war. The 717A tubes are used in a number of higher frequency applications. If your device has 5 or 6 of them, it could be most anything....

At 7:46pm on December 28, 2012, Richard Green said…


I'll have to dig it out of the garage tomorrow.  Maybe I can find out more info from google, now what I know it is.


aka pslmsngr

At 8:23pm on March 2, 2013, Steve Boracchia said…

Hi Kent,

I am not sure what to do with this one.  I thought I may be able
to strip it and re-crome, but that would stretch my abilities quite a bit. 
I'm sure I  could get it to work if it was just a re-capp and resistor/coil
check, its not so difficult electrically. All the parts are there. The cabinet is nice, the original owner stripped it so it just needs a refinish.  I really don’t want to pay
much for a good chassis, so I am not sure what to do.  I'll have to check
the serial number and get back to you.


At 7:49am on March 4, 2013, Kent King said…

Steve -

I would like the serial number for my research. Actually, rechroming a 23 will probably cost as much (if not more) than locating a nice it you want to get it operating, I'd say "Go for it". You are right, even if it isn't pretty, you will be able to make it play, and it will sound great. It's worth the effort! If you need anything along the way, just ask, folks here are always glad to help!


At 8:38am on December 28, 2013, Darrell Schneider said…

Hi Kent,

Working on pics and serial #'s, but what is meant by the term "Serbs"?

Thanks, Darrell

At 6:33pm on November 19, 2016, Joseph W Strickland said…


I have been cleaning up the schematic for the early (Feb. 1946) schematics for the 800B. Here are those two pages. I am working on another page that combines the radio tuner circuit and the electric tuning circuit on one page. The paper size is printable on 11 X 17 inch paper for the two files included here.




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