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Possible 800B cabinet for sale

Considering thinning the herd a bit.  Got a nice condition 800B cabinet. It has been refinished incorrectly back in the past with poly but…

Started by Mike Baldwin

1 on Sunday
Reply by Michael Lawton


E.H. SCOTT FIELD COIL PEDESTAL SPEAKER MODEL 505 (for sale) Hello... I am new here but I had a dear old friend pass this down to me and I w…

Started by Patrick Phillips

9 on Saturday
Reply by Gary Gankiewicz

Magic eyes

Probably a dumb question, but for those Scott radios with two magic eyes, is the second magic eye for the fm? Ie. One for am and one for fm?

Started by Forrest Wagner

1 on Saturday
Reply by Robert Feenstra

Resistor values in Phantom

Did Scott use a unique color coding system for their resistors?  I'm restoring a Phantom Deluxe and none of the resistor measured values ma…

Started by Thomas Lager

2 Jul 16
Reply by Thomas Lager

Spammed Today By mr.jamespollard01

I purchased my first Scott radio last October 2020 and decided to join this enthusiasts community.  I've read some posts, but haven't poste…

Started by Alonzo Guerrero

4 Jul 16
Reply by Alonzo Guerrero

800 B oscillator trimmer

Is anybody parting out an 800B tuner. Looking for the osiliator trimmer. part 83 in the Sams part index or is there a new replacement for t…

Started by norman david warren

7 Jul 14
Reply by Kent King

I'm looking for the Warrington cabinet for Phantom de Lux FM and the exact drawings for self-production.

Hello . I am a new member on this forum. Very grateful to the admin for giving me the opportunity to become a member of your community of c…

Started by Derbal Petro

12 Jul 11
Reply by Derbal Petro

Scott serial numbers

As most of you know, I've been gathering and analyzing Scott serial numbers for over 20 years. I have a couple requests....first, if you ha…

Started by Kent King

370 Jul 10
Reply by David C. Poland

Small differences

I've been doing a lot of detailed work on some Scott sets lately and I've had the opportunity to notice numerous small differences between…

Started by Kent King

3 Jul 8
Reply by Kent King

Scott aw-15 speaker repair

After tracing a B+ short, it was in the feild coils of the speaker.  Not only are they shorted to each other, they are shorted to ground. I…

Started by norman david warren

3 Jun 29
Reply by norman david warren


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