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I recently acquired one of these and had it reconed/VC repaired/tuned up at the Speaker Shop. BTW-Nick did a great job and even said its one of the best sounding of these he has heard.

I tried it with one of my Philly's to make sure its a player and then on a whim, I plugged it into a Phantom Deluxe AM/FM I have been playing recently. Voila it sounds great too on the Phantom which uses a 15" non-pedestal speaker. They both use the same plug so I was pretty sure they were interchangeable and so far it looks like they are.

Interestingly, this speaker has about a 15 foot long cord on it so I suspect it was in a custom installation when new.

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Wasn't it a big risk to plug the speaker in without checking its field coil resitance?

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