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I have this Phantom, a.m. 1937 -38 era. I went through it somewhat and I notice the overall sensitivity is not very good. Compared on same antenna with a Midwest CC-18, same era, it is a dog. All IF caps are new and all tubes, caps, etc. APPEAR to be o.k., but I am missing something. Suggestions?


Tom Harris

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Check all the tube voltages and resistances.My Phantom works very well with 20 feet of ant.Ahh check band switch clean it very very well with alcohol  have seen dirty band switches cause that very trouble befor.. Angelo

Thanks, will do. Bandswitch is clean but I never did check the voltages. I am suspecting screen voltage problem in one of the IF stages, maybe even internal to a tube.

Could very well be screen voltage another thing is check ant  input!Sprman

Thanks. It is now on my list.

I have a Phantom which I rebuilt.  During alignment I found one of the caps in an IF transformer had separated from the adjuster.  I had to take the IF transformer apart and epoxy the adjuster nut back on.  Before I made the repair the radio was not very sensitive because I could not align that IF stage.  Did all the adjustments feel right during alignment?

You know i can't remember. I THINK the IF adjustments went as expected, BUT I also suspect an IF issue. Eventually when I get time, I'll take everything out again and see. Thanks for the Tip!


You are welcome.  I hope it helps.

Lynn Hatfield

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