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For your consideration, a Scott cabinet containing an Allwave Imperial with the optional volume range expander and optional tweeters.

Comparing the cabinet to ones pictured in the Scott News, plus photographs at,, at first glance one would say it is a Westerly Grande. What is certainly different, or even odd, about this example, is that it has never had the metal trim installed, nor is there evidence of its removal and refinishing.

Was it simply a matter of having been special ordered without the brightwork or does it receive a different model name?

What exactly should this cabinet be called? 

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Sorry, it is not in a convenient position to take photographs. 

Westerley Grande is a spot on description, just without the metal pulls found on the front doors, metal bands inlaid around

the grill opening, and metal "pipes" over the grill opening. Apparently they were never installed, no holes or grooves were filled in.

If the cabinet do not have metal pulls,see the info and pics I put concerning the repro of these pulls.  ;-)

If that was a hyperlink for info and pics above, it does not work on my desktop. Please advise.

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