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Sunday I'm looking at an AW12 1 dial with single speaker in an early Tasman- the short leg cabinet. Seller says the speaker cone is damaged. What is the going rate to re-cone something like that? That will be a factor in how much I offer him. It's also missing the escutcheon.

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I was checking the schematics and see that the phono input goes on the Wunderlich cathode. The 55 tube (I had a 2A6) trick didn't help. I need to check voltages on sockets and see what I have. With the Wunderlich in place, the phono input works fine. I also see some meter movement when the Wunderlich is inserted suggesting the tube is ok. I have a couple of tube testers I could use but I don't have settings for it. 


Your assumption is probably correct, as the external audio drives the cathode and the grid circuit is connected then you must have a signal on the anode, as you do.

One possibility is that the wunderlich has gone low emission,

check your local oscillator is running, try injecting a signal to the preceding if grids, working away from the wunderlich.

I built a simple signal injector years ago, really crude but can find a fault in seconds.


After tracing some wiring I found the jumper at the sensitivity switch to the IF cathodes was broken off. I re-soldered it. The rest of the wiring appeared to be ok. It looks like no one has been in there since it left the factory. A quick power up on my Sencore Powerite showed good current consumption. AM Broadcast reception is quite good. Even the dial is very close to the correct frequency markings.


Good news, now comes the fun of recapping, are you going to replace or stuff the caps.

have you tried any of the short wave bands yet?


I tried the SW bands and they seem to be ok. The SW tuner parts are in the cabinet and work as expected. I'm not sure when I'll start on the tuner chassis. I re-capped the amp chassis a few weeks ago. Here's a pic of Mike's bezel- looks great. Thanks, Mike.

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