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I am not sure if this is appropriate to put on this site so I will ask first. I have been looking for two knobs for my Phantom Deluxe for some time. I was missing one regular round knob and one of the thumb type knobs (not sure exactly what these knobs are called) In any case, I ran into a guy who locally who makes exact replicas of the Zenith Z knobs used on many of the Zenith radios in the

1936 to 1938 range and sells quite a few to collectors. I gave him samples of the two EH Scott knobs I needed and his knobs were amazingly accurate! He makes them out of walnut and digitizes the design and then laser cuts the face of the knob including the S and all cross hatching.  When the knobs are on the radio you can't tell an original from the repro.  Only when you remove the knobs and look at the brass insert can you tell which one is new (the bright brass gives it away).  I am not sure if there are others looking for a knob(s) but these are as close to the originals as I have seen.  If others are looking, I would be happy to post the guys contact info.

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Wow! Amazing! 

I have some knobs here, that were moulded plastic copies of wood knobs, made 25 years ago when our local club was trying "new" technology of making molds with dental silicone...not nearly as nice as those! 

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