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For sale - Allwave 23 Tuner Chassis

Hello everyone - have an Allwave 23 Tuner Chassis for sale - bought for a project that never materialized. Overall, it seems to be in really good condition - areas of pitting in the chrome on the top (where the tubes are located.). No idea if it’s functional or not.

Pulled off the tube covers - all tubes are present except one - can’t make out it what is stamped on the socket - but looks like ‘44’ and ‘33’ or ‘35’.

Would be great if someone in the Denver area could pick up since it’s so heavy - but happy to try and find a box that would support / protect for shipping.

Happy to answer any questions or send additional photos.

Paid $200 for it - would be happy to get $150.

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Hello. Do you have the speaker and power supply. Steve

Nope - that was part of my project - wanted to find all the other components - but never got around to it...

I would like to take a  look. I'm in Severance, east of Fort Collins. Where are you located. You are welcome to call and we can discuss. Thanks Steve 970 215 5880

Hellooooo Brad. Are you there ????

Hi Steve - been a busy work week.  

Could meet you half way if you want - any time Saturday would work. 

Great. How about Walmart off of 136th and I25 at noon Saturday. If you have another preference that would be fine with me too. Thanks Steve

Hi Steve - that works fine - will send you a text to finalize details. 

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