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Won Best of Show and 1st Place Consoles (lost People's Choice Award by one vote cast at last minute) at Heartland Antique Radio Association's Summer Sizzler in Tulsa last weekend with this 1941 FM-AM Phantom Deluxe with factory option remote control, Garrard record player/changer, and tweeters. In came from the Dr. Ralph Muchow Estate Auction. Only complaint from judges was cheezy toggle switch added at upper left of cabinet. This was installed before being sold by the Muchow estate to cut electricity to power transformer. For the remote control to work, power transformer has to be live all the time, even when radio is off. I have an extra Scott wooden knob, so I think I'll change it to a rotary on-off switch. I was asked by spectators to demonstrate the power of the 25-watt undistorted Class A output (40 watts total), so I turned the volume up about 3/4. We were tuned to a local transmitter, and the radio really BOOMED -- but no distortion! And this was in the NE corner of a basketball gymnasium! An HLARA member at the SW corner said it was exceptionally loud at his location, and even claimed to have felt the vibrations from the speaker cone! I expect that was a bit of an exaggeration, but it can crank out the volume!




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Congratulations! A very pretty radio. I can only imagine the difficulty involved in safely transporting it to the show. So heavy ...

Darn right it's heavy! And we had to transport it 60 miles each way. But no harm, no foul. For many spectators, it was their first chance to see an FM Phantom Deluxe.

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