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Intro - AW15 ?'s Static or Sensitivity control & Wave Change Switch Lever

Hi, I've been collecting old radios since the early 90's.  I built a discontinued on clearance HH Scott LT110B that I received as a Christmas gift when I was about 13 and still have so I've had the disease for a long time and two storage places full of junk to prove I am a legitimate hoarder.

A few weeks ago I acquired an AW15 Waverly cabinet that I've been working on.  Yesterday I purchased an AW15 w/amp and Jensen speaker to complete the package from a local collector.  In looking over the schematics and reviewing posts I understand there were several versions of the AW15.  Mine has the Wunderlich tube and two red antenna posts so I believe it is an early version.  In the instruction manual I notice the far right control is marked "Static", but my cabinet escutcheon is marked "Sensitivity 1-5".  The right shaft on the chassis is a 5 position switch.  Is my "Sensitivity" escutcheon correct?

My unit looks untouched and complete except for missing ALL of the knobs and the wave change switch lever.  I suspect the switch lever will be a hard item to locate.  Are reproductions available?  I've looked around at the regular sources and come up empty.  After looking at pictures online I believe I could probably machine a new lever from three pieces of stock press fit together.  I have a miniature Sherline mill.  That would probably take me a day or more to complete at my speed so finding an original or cast reproduction would save me a lot of trouble.

I'm sure I'll have more questions as I go, but right now I'm just trying to understand what I bought.


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Mike & Kent,  Thank you very much.  I sent a pm Kent.  Great pictures Mike and great work on plating the escutcheons.


I think we have discussed your AW15 Waverly cabinet over on the Antique Radio Forum recently.  If this is the same Matt, you did a great job on replacing that grille cloth.  Great to hear you found all electrical components.  I recently performed an electrical restoration on a early version AW15 with a labeled "Static" control.  If you need any reference photo's or would like to read through several issues I tackled, check out my profile, pictures, and topic regarding this previous restoration.  The next AW15 restoration I will be posting has a 5 step sensitivity control.  This AW15 is an early version with factory upgrades.  The AW15 went through many electrical changes during production.  Great find!  Now you have a complete AW15 unit.

Jon Ketron


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