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Jumping the gun as I don't even have the set yet, but I'm in need of the Hi Fi Crossover box to complete my AM/FM Philharmonic that has the optional 4 unit Hi Fidelity speaker system. I have the tweeters, and the woofer, so all I need is the crossover box. Any leads would be appreciated. Ironically about 2 years ago there was one on eBay that I was going to bid on just to have it for the future. Ah well... Thanks, Karl

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Thought I'd put in an update.

After a few false starts (a very long story), I ended driving out 2 weeks ago to pick up the AM FM Philharmonic. The set did not have a cabinet so it wasn't to difficult to load into the CRV. Its dirty, a lot of nicotine, some of the larger cans on the tuner have some chrome bubbling and some of the smaller square cans have some small dents,  but once I get it cleaned up it will be OK, not mint but nice.

Kent, the tuner serial # is LL-471 and inside the Amp chassis is a hand written RR-339.

2 surprises, one OK, the other disappointing. The baffle had a Tauscher board installed. Nice to look at but akin to putting a curtain over a lighthouse. The other was that one of the tweeters has an open voice coil. Looking for suggestions to have someone "recoil" it and hopefully be able to save the original cone and surround.

The speaker connector on the amp was replaced with an octal, and the speaker plug was replaced with a 9 pin "octal" style plug. The crossover box was long gone, so I can only guess why these plugs/sockets were changed. I'd like to get the amp back to stock, I know the speaker socket was a smaller pin circle than the one for the tuner, and the 2 large pins were opposite each other as opposed to next to each other but could I rework a 6A7 style wafer tube socket which is the small 7-pin for this? Of course if someone has a chassis they are parting out please let me know.

The filter caps were replaced at one point, will try to decipher the info on the cap to get the manufacturer and date code. But they all measure good (capacitance and dissipation). It'll be a while before I attempt to power the set up but will reform the caps first and recheck them before going further. 

Lastly, I'm missing one of the round wooden knobs, could use 2 as one is in poor shape. If anyone has some please let me know.

I'll post some pics as I get it cleaned up, and I'm sure I'll have more questions as I dig into it.


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