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Looking for a set of tweeters if anyone has some for sale

Hello, I am about to begin a full replacement of capacitors in my allwave 23, Not sure when it was last operating, but it is time to get this up and running. Looking for a set of tweeters. Let me know if you have some for sale. Any advice on best place to send main speaker for a re-cone would be appreciated.


Nicholas Orr

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I have a fine pair of E.H. Scott AW-23 tweeters available for sale.  Speaker cones are mint, overall condition is excellent/near mint original condition.  Ready to plug and play.  Available for $1,200.00 plus shipping if interested.

PM me if so.

Also, I highly recommend Nick Dorazio for cone replacement/repair.  He is a master of his trade.

His company:

The Speaker Shop

Savannah GA




Jon, I found a pair complete with with harness this morning for $1,000, they are mint like yours as well. they have been shipped. Thank you for the reply. Thank you for the contact regarding my query about cone replacement, i will contact Nick at the speaker company. Awesome


Sounds good.  Good luck with your speaker repair!


To those whom may come across this topic:

I do have the pair of genuine E.H. Scott AW-23 tweeters pictured above for sale. 

I will match the price mentioned above, asking $1,000.  Please PM me if interested. 


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