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Michael Lawton: Met my new Scott radio friend today!

It is always great to put a face and a voice with your radio friends.  I have been enjoying Mike's posts on here recently as we both got bitten by the Scott radio bug.
Imagine my surprise when he reached out on this forum.

Today he came to take home my extra Scott 800B6 cabinet that needed new guts, which he just happened to have. Boy are these things lighter when they are empty.

It will live again some day!

Proof you say that we met?
Well here's the photo Beerchug



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Yup, it was great to meet you too, Mike. Today two of my buddies dropped by and helped me wrestle the cabinet into my shed to await it's turn being restored. One of them owns the furniture store in town, and knows good furniture when he sees it. The store used to be a Philco dealer back when his father ran it years ago. He was really impressed by the cabinet, and knew about Scott radios.

Oh man... you had me a Philco Store.  Would love photos from that store back in the day.

Enjoy your Scott cabinet find!


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