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Hello all:

 I am new to the Scott Radio Enthusiasts as of tonight, I have been collecting and restoring anitque radios for 30 years now and have always longed to have a Scott. This past weekend was my time, I aquired a 7 knob Allwave 23 in a Waverly Grande cabinet. Needless to say I was very excited when I heard it was for sale in my area as I have never come across a Scott in all the years I have been collecting. I went and had a look and cabinet wise not bad, needs the top reveneered and one side grill repaired and other than that all is good, all the original knobs are in place and good. The tuner chassis is in really nice shape almost no pitting but is missing one tube shield. Now the bad news, the power amp and main speaker are missing.  I was very disappointed to discover this fact but for the asking price I could not refuse. A little more good news is both tweeters are still in place.

I am hoping someone out in Scott land might have the pieces I need to make this radio complete but if not I am still going to fix up the cabinet and rebuild the tuner section because I know someday I will find the pieces I need and I will make this radio whole again. I am really looking forward to that day!



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Well I cant believe it but in less than one week, thanks to list members, I have located every piece I need to make my radio complete. So now I guess I have to get cracking and rebuild the tuner in preparation for the arrival of the missing components. CANT WAIT!!!!



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