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Anyone know where I can get a legible copy of a schematic for my new Phantom 19? It has a bug that I need to find and the Rider versions are barely legible.


Joe Miller

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I looked to see if I had a better one somewhere.  The second edition of E. H. Scott, the Dean of DX has a very clean, readable one, but it seems to be for the AM-FM Phantom.  If the circuits are the same except for the bandswitching and the FM section, that might help you.

I have the Rider's manuals on CD somewhere, but they are encoded to be read with Visioneer PaperPort, rather than Acrobat.  I don't think Acrobat will open them.  They might not be any better than the copies you have, anyway.


HI Dave,

Thanks for the tip on the book--my birthday is this weekend and I just put it on my list.

I think the Phantom Deluxe schematic will work.



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