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The "Clifton" cabinet that I recently crafted, and many other pieces, I have used 150 year old
Southern White Oak., I am sure that some of you already know this , but for the ones who don't,..I have acquired thousands of board feet of this White Oak. It is some of the most beautiful oak of any kind , I have ever seen.
Now ,please don't picture in your mind a beautiful dining table in comparison, because what is beautiful to me,.. may not be to others. Some see beauty only in a finished product. My point being , is that this Oak was the supporting floor of an old Cotton gin warehouse. It is still in the mill form and has what I call , special character. This wood is older than any original radio cabinet that you can buy this day and time. Because when they were stuffing cotton in this old building, the radio was still fifty years away. The old warehouse was built in 1845. This wood is thoroughly cured. Now, you can find and cut down a tree that is 150 + years old,.. and you still don't have what we have in this old White oak.
It has been brought to my attention, that there was some discussion about using oak for a radio cabinet. I was wondering if everyone interested would shed some light as to their opinion on this subject. I have been building,carving and finishing all types of furniture,.. since 1988.
But I have only been in radio for one year. So if this topic is of interest to you,..I would certainly like to hear your views.
Thank you,.

Kenneth Richmond,Jr.
Scott~Silver Cabinet Company of America

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