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Scott Allwave 23 article in Monitoring Times magazine

While browsing the magazine rack at Barnes and Noble I came across the December Issue of Monitoring Times magazine. Attracted by the vintage communications equipment pictured on the cover I flipped through a few pages and found within an article entitled Grandpa Walter's Scott  Memories and Recollections of a classic 1930s Radio Receiver.


Needless to say I purchased a copy of the magazine but haven't read the article yet so I can't comment. I just thought that I'd pass the info along.



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Sorry Carlos. My scanner died months ago and I used it so little when it worked that I haven't decided if I'm going to replace it or not. Maybe someone else in the group will pick up a copy and scan the article.


I did get a chance to read the article last night. Nothing new regarding Scott, his company or the radios but fun to read about the author's grandfather finding the Allwave 23 in a second hand store in the late 1950s.


Carlos Insa said:

Thanks to scan it.I have curiosity to read these good stuff.


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