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Powered up my Scott Allwave 23 that I been working on for the past 6 months. Just received the speaker back from Nick Dorazio at speaker repair, He did an amazing job. He even reused the spider at the base of the cone. I am truly amazed at the reception and sound range of this set, I knew it was going to be good but it has far exceeded my expectations.

Thank you all for the inspiration to get this done. All that is needed is some minor alignment to get the dial span correct and to figure out why the bass knob has little to no effect.

I have restuffed every capacitor, some pictures of the chassis, more of the amplifier/power supply and caibinet are coming.

Played for 8 hours yesterday, at high volumes it just flat out rocks. EH scott was not kidding when he said this set can fill a music hall with wonderful sound. I still cant believe the sound from this 1935 set, I am still in disbelief.


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