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For various reasons I'm selling my FM Philharmonic.

I bought the chassis about 2 years ago from a forum member. It had been sitting dormant for years, he had all the components expect the crossover box. Dave Poland was kind enough to sell me one of his spares. It was originally in a Chippendale cabinet, luckily the previous owner saved the faceplate. I bought a Warrington cabinet that originally housed a 7 knob Philly and drilled the 2 additional holes and mounted the dial glass/bezel and knob bezels.

The set plays, has some audio hum (not power supply hum, caps were replaced at some point), receives a few local AM stations and a few SW stations. FM does not work. The 15" woofer has no rips, holes, the tweeters have no rips or tears in the cones. The tweeter rear covers have some dents. The grille cloth is not correct, it came from the chippendale baffle.

I spent a lot of time cleaning the chassis, it is not mint by any means, but very presentable. There are areas that are hazy and some areas in between the tubes and on top of the IF cans have corrosion. Likewise the cabinet is original and has its share of "patina".

I also have the 15" Tauscher board that was part of the original set.

Pictures below.

I'm located in Waukesha WI, about 25 mi. west of Milwaukee.

I have it on the Milwaukee Craigslist for $2700 (  but for forum members will do $2300, my bottom line.

I have additonal pictures, message me if interested.



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Posting an update that I did sell the Scott.

Nice! Forum member buy it?

Actually, no. An Indian artist, living in Bangalore bought it. The radio was shipped to Gary Marvin in Oregon who will do the restoration and then it will be exported to India. 

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