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Hello, and thanks for the add.  I am new to the world of Scott, so new my radio won’t be home until tomorrow.  It is an All Wave 12 in a Tasman cabinet and is a beautiful radio.  I will be sending a ‘37 Zenith black dial to other pastures with the Scott coming home.  Looking forward to it!

Thanks again!

Ron in Tacoma

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As an update, thanks to the reminder from Norman I removed the dial lamps and retested everything.   The umbilical tests fine so after checking the tubes in my tester, taking more resistance readings in various circuits I connected every back up in the work bench and brought power up with my variac.  It awoke but I could only find one very local station and very little gain.  Troubleshooting I removed the cover from the 1st detector.  I found with my finger a 1/2 inch from the tube I had amazing gain.  Now looking at the antenna coil and path from the antenna to see what is not right.  

After figuring I was in further than I own test equipment to find, a friend took over.  After tracing back through the antenna circuit he discovered the antenna binding post insulator was broken and the post was grounded to the chassis.  That will certainly effect reception. He then went through the rest of the radio finding bad solder joints and s few odd modifications he straightened out.  2 gassy tubes replaced, a bunch of capacitors, one dogbone resistor, a bit of alignment and the set plays great.  Put it on an isolation transformer with a bucking circuit to keep the voltage down to something it likes.  Have been listening to it all afternoon with music broadcast from my transmitter.   Very pleased.   Thanks for the help and comments!  

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