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Regarding my earlier post on problems with a Philharmonic: part of the problem is a worn volume control. It looks very difficult to a) remove the control because of other parts in the way and b) to even unsolder the connections which are seemingly inaccessible even with a small iron. Has anyone done this recently? If so any advice gratefully received.

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I meant to add - the main problem with access is that the selectivity/fidelity control is in the way.  Are there any obvious problems or pitfalls  in dismantling this?

Since no one else has - I can now answer my own question! To remove the volume control I had to first remove the selectivity/fidelity control and the mechanical apparatus at the front end of the chassis connecting the control with the shaft, and partly remove the bass control. It's a little fiddly but not really difficult. One tricky aspect was the wires to the volume control - theses were short and difficult to access/resolder. The pic here shows the new control in place, indicated by the pencil.


I need to do that to mine to just have not done it yet.Looks to be real fun to replace it.

It's not difficult if you take it slowly, mark leads before unsoldering and take photos

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