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This Philharmonic didn't cost me a cent. I was 16 years old in 1962 when I given this radio. My buddy and I brought it home in my father's '59 Pontiac station wagon. It came from a large house in Rydal, PA, where the original owner had a 50 rank Moller pipe organ as well as this Scott. I've had the radio longer than the original owner!


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Comment by Tom Jardine on May 2, 2013 at 9:13pm

Good story, David. I only have the Philharmonic and an 800B. I always wanted an All-Wave 23 but never had an opportunity to find a good one. I'm recently retired and have been spending a alot of time restoring sets that have been waiting for some help. My biggest project was a Capehart 400M.

Comment by David C. Poland on May 2, 2013 at 8:41pm
Very nice model. You story is a lot like how I obtained mine.

As a teenager about 1957, found it sitting in my Grandmothers attic. No cabinet, just the pointer dial Philly, amp and 15 inch pedestal speaker. Hauled it downstairs, connected the cables and it played nicely. Belonged to Mom''s cousin, and they said i could have it. Still have it.

First in my bedroom, Then built a speaker cabinet to sit it on. Then marriage and housed it in a gutted 1920's Victor Credenza cabinet. Discovered the radio hobby about 22 years ago. Acquired proper knobs, then the tweeters. A proper cabinet to restore. More recently, escutcheon set and dial bezel. And will soon have it in a proper Scott cabinet.

And I now have a variety of models 1926 to 1941. Tis a sickness.

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