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The Fine Things are Always Hand Made

Note has the "tone truth" side grills. The side control is the tone control usually mounted on the back of the chassis.
Top is refinished. black lacquer accents are new. The rest is original finish. Note the handles are not black Catalan, but caramel color.

Comment by David C. Poland on July 6, 2020 at 3:23pm

The black accents are correct, but were severely chipped. So, I sanded and re-lacquered the upper accents, door moldings and the base in black. 

The front, doors and side finish also had numerous scratches and little chips. I spent a long time with thinned amber shellac and an artist brush working these blemishes. So, I consider the finish and color original. Love the way the Laurel veneer is layed on an angle. 

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