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I know I have similar ambitions as may of us here. EH Scott radios have been an ambition since childhood and now I have my pinacle project. A 1938 Philharmonic AM pointer dial. Its a beaut. Sure it needs a little but the chassis and amp are great. It has 8 knobs plus the center pair. It didn't make it to the Deans book but they made custom radios, yes?

So I need an appropriate cabinet and speakers. I have the documentation comming already. I have been an elect. tech nearly all my life and still get the best bang out of real radios that glow in the dark and keep you warm in the winter. All help is appreciated. Getting it all back together keeps them glowing.

May you continue to enjoy your Scott as I do.

Thank you, Jim.

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Comment by Angelo on November 14, 2010 at 3:05pm
Hello Jim i have a Philly 30 too pointer dial 1937 built in December .The cabinets a Waverly Grande,owned since 1978! Photos of it my 2 other Scotts are posted here..Angelo : )

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