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E.H Scott Sixteen User Guide Circa 1937 from Sol and Irma Laykin - Bel Air, California

E.H Scott Sixteen user manual of Irma and Sol Laykin Circa 1937

This E.H Sixteen was discovered in storage where it had remained for approx 50 years.  It had been ordered by Irma and Solomon Laykin of Laykin et Cie Jewelery fame in 1937 for thier home  on Montana Ave in Westwood, a part of West Los Angeles. It was used in that home until they moved a year or so later to Bellagio Road in Bel Air where they entertained Hollywood royalty....presumably often to the tunes played on this lovley old radio / turn table. It was then moved again to Moreno Ave in Brentwood; yet another part of West Los Angeles where just a few years later in 1949 mobsters blew up the house next door in an attempt to kill Los Angeles gang leader Mickey Cohen.  While initially Irma thought it may be the deep thundering base from Richard Wagner's "Flight of the Valkyries" - it was quickly discovered that it was just the neighbors being rubbed out.  Alas the E.H Scott eventually had to make way for more contemporary technology, yet it remained still and silent for half a century in various Los Angeles storage units thanks to care of Michael Laykin.  Now; emerging into the light once more in a world of MP3s, iPods and YouTube.... we shall see if we can get her to sing again.   


Happy to report that a large collection of fine classical 78's made it through the long night as well.


Older Son Joel nearly 80, cryptically remembers the Scott's "Magic Green Eye"  ....we shall see if it still appears.


More later as we progress...


(Also attached you will find the orginal manual for your use.)

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