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Glad to be here and hopes my builds pictures are liked and will post some of my E.H.Scott sets

I am glad to see all the nice pieces on here. I am a collector and it never seems to end.When I was in High School made a communications radio and won a blue ribbon 1st place in K9EWU'S Don Houdes electronics class class and had a project when I was in College and had access to the metal shop. Was good friends to one of the teachers. wanted to make a high fi amplifier. Well made a 50 watt stereo unit and wished I kept it as it was. Made it into this big thing. A friend of mine spoiled with the new stuff and new good stuff. When I got back into tube collecting had amased 100,000 tubes. Anyhow Getting my Amateur extra and commercial licenses. The last element of the on above the general Radio  Operator with Radio License. the GMDS needed element was taken on 9-11-2001 at 9:00 am in the Sears tower. Might not be here today. I got into everything . Had 2 special Radios and sold them at ARCI at Elgin. John Merrideth Got my Worlds Record 10 with display tags Arcturus blue tubes and it had a special catacomb short wave adapter in copper. And had a Allwave 12 with a phonograph adaptor. These were displays and don't know anyone else had them.Any how had got a mint in box 800B a beautiful piece.I also had 4 abused 800B's that were beyond repair or restoration. I sent the chassis to a friend that owed me a favor. he stripped the plating off the chassis polished them and meticulous  plated them. I had a Idea that came together with Project that I wanted to complete and the beauty of these chassis and the original creator that made the best of the best. There was a unit that E.H.Scott  made from my photofact collection that inspired me. Do not have the # of it at hand but was in something like the 1948 Sams. It had 2 chassis and was a work of art. Anyhow I decided to build my amps on these beautiful chassis. They were very thick broke punches and I used a system of marking the holes that needed to be drilled with a square and blue masking tape. I then put a thick template over the x and taped the 1/8 hole centered and drilled the pilot holed. Used a drill for the back holes for the inputs and the big one drill bit  flew in the air the drill  and the control chassis hit me in the face. Never use a large drill that has 3 sides on it as if it jams you can get hurt. Damaged one of my Empire 398 turntabled and could have damaged my entire big System. I resqued the 3 22S63 transformers from the big thing (amp) from my parents basement. Two of the amps that I made are used in my Silver Ghosts project. Anyhow it got bigger than I expected. The control center took almost 3 years.  I built his one set and after the last stereo block no more. If I don't sell the set will put it in another new looking 800B cabinet.This will bring High Fidelity to my collection.  My 800B has a new 498 Empire turntable in place of the original Garrard and the res haven't decided but will have a Multiplex adapter to drive my other unit. Other than that the mint 800B will not be altered. All the rusted unites out there a shame E.H.Scott built masterpieces. My units I built in memory to this man and he inspired me to make My Silver Ghosts. Hope to meet a few collectors on here. I want to put a picture of me on here but it will not take any and will try again.

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