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Greetings to everyone.

I am a vintage audio enthusiast myself, but my primary focus are gear from the 50's - 70's. Restoring speakers and collecting gear from Sansui and Fisher, for the most part. My new area of interest is to branch out into tube amps, so I keep a look out for items so I can start tinkering around, but I am indeed a beginner.

A couple of months ago, I happened across a small hoard of gear that had been stored away 40 years ago in an outdoor shed. The original owner was apparently a repair technician in Chicago and retired in my area in the late 60's. As such, a lot of the items are EH Scott radio components. Although I realize EH Scott are considered fantastic radios, I really cannot add another category to my hobby, so I am going to sell these items. I am a long time Ebay seller and I am aware that most radios are parted out there, but I wanted to reach out to your enthusiast site directly before going that route.

From what I have determined, I have the following:

Philharmonic radio chassis, amp, tweeters and 15" woofer.

Phantom radio chassis/amp

Allwave radio chassis, amp, tweeters and a 12" woofer, knobs (most complete)

Two 16a radios

The Allwave was the only one in a cabinet, but the cabinet itself is not salvageable. The rest of the components were in boxes, but not well sealed, so they are not pristine examples. By far, the most valuable components I realize are the two sets of Q4 tweeters. I have put a meter to them and they look to be in great shape. The 12" woofer is quite nice as it was in the cabinet. The 15" woofer will need a new cone.

As I am new to the forum, please let me know how best to interact with the group. I am also a long time member of, so I am accustomed to following any rules. Email addy is

I will also post some pictures.

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