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Very Nice David-How was the side Tone control mounted ? Is it right off the chassis or is it some type of remote on a cable ?


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Comment by David C. Poland on March 25, 2020 at 8:50pm

tone control is on a coax cable through the chassis hole on the back of the chassis to the cabinet hole.

The tone control escutcheon says BASS - looks like the AW-23 BASS escutcheon.

Cabinet mystery - the cabinet first appears available some months after the AW-12 production should have ceased. The model FIFTEEN was introduced Feb 1934. It was never drilled for a FIFTEEN - no hole for the BFO button below the tuning knob. This cabinet has the side "tone truth" side grills that first appeared late 1934. The a speaker grill is too small to accommodate AW-23 tweeters. The later version Milton Grande speaker speaker grill is reshaped to accommodate tweeters and has black Catalin door pulls.

Maybe Scott took a the 12 tube Deluxe in trade towards an AW-23 and put it in my cabinet for resale? 

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