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I am needing an original cabinet for my newly restored McMurdo Masterpiece (1). Its the brass one with 13 1/2 in speaker. Bruce in Moline


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Comment by David C. Poland on May 21, 2020 at 9:25pm
Bruce - Between the brass plated sheet metal construction, and brass paint on speaker and transformers, your MP-1 is a really an eye catcher.
Early McMurdo Silver cabinets are hard to come by - just not as many to begin with. But for the first model you have, McMurdo used some of the same Rockford cabinets Scott used - all highboy cabinets **:
Scott's Orleans is McMurdo's Sheraton Combination
Scott's Cornwallis is McMurdo's Jacobean
Scott's Versailles is McMurdo's Sheraton
Scott's Abbey is McMurdo'a Gothic
Scott's Cavalier. is McMurdo's Louis XVI
Grebe also used a couple of these cabinets as well (I recut a Grebe cabinet panel for a friend to accommodate a 1930 Scott AC-10)
**(Comparing Scott info with my copy of a Masterpiece 1 cabinet sheet)
Also, some independent cabinet companies made fancy cabinets. Some late 1920's radio cabinets are really great, and suitable to retrofit with your better McMurdo Silver. I housed my Scott Philly in a mid 1920's Victor Credenza phono cabinet for years. So with some patience you may well find a worthy candidate to accommodate your MP-1 and speaker. You will probably need to make a wood panel to fit your radio to the cabinet.
-Good Luck - Dave

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