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I am trying to find information on this early Scott which I bought in a partly disassembled state. A schematic would be good, but a parts layout or pictorial diagram would be especially helpful since a lot of the busbar is missing and I would like to bring the set back to its original appearance. Also missing were the Jewell 'Pattern 135' meters and so far I have been unable to locate a dual-range voltmeter ( a single-range fills the hole for the time being). Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Dave - I am glad you found this set...I've had pictures of it in the past, but had never been able to track it down. No for the bad news: This is a 9 tube set that I haven't found any documentation about. On the brighter side: The Scott battery sets varied little, and for the early ones, the number of tubes usually just meant an additional IF stage. So, since this set uses the Rauland transformers, look at the WRS8 set in Citizen's Radio Callbook, 12/26 for wiring around the output stage. It looks like you'll have 4 IF stages in this one. The meter wiring will be more challenging to find, but look at the World Record 10 described in the Chicago Evening Post radio magazine, Oct 1926. You have a late 1926 set here, the components used and overall design lead me to that...I own and have seen quite a few Scott supers from this period. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I don't think I can help with the meter, but I will look tonight, I keep a supply of Scott parts to restore these sets as well. Good luck!


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