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When reciever chassis is not connected I have 3 volts,once connected to reciever chassis,  filament voltage drops to 2 volts ,I see no filaments lit.

Any suggestions  as to where to look?

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Take out the pilot light and then check the filament leads for x-x short and x-ground shorts.

The x-x filament volts are fine, the 2A3 tubes light up.

It's the Y-Y filament voltages to the reciever chassis drops to 2 volts and I get no filament glow on reciever chassis. 

OK, I misread the fine print on the schematic for the leads to the tuner chassis. Take out the pilot light and then check the filament leads.

The pilot light seems to be the issue, removed pilot light and tube filament voltage returned to normal.

Thank you for the help.

Then look over the lamp wiring and connection to be sure no short to ground. or condition of the lamp socket.

likewise the wiring to the meter, and then spade connection to the meter terminal screws.

Use a new grommet that holds the lamp base.

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