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I have an Allwave 15 that I have decided to sell. It is in pretty rough condition. The cabinet is a Wesminster cabinet. There is no phongraph.

The photos are on my page. If this is not the best way to post these please let me know. I am not very familiar with forum discussion formats. I know there is a lot talent in this group by looking at some of the beautiful work that has been done. This will certainly require a lot of work.


Right now I would consider an offer. I know it is not easy to transport something like this across the country so maybe there is someone more local that is interested.


Thanks for having a look.


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Chuck, ......   what city and state are you?

-Dave Poland (Ohio)

Sorry, I did not say where the radio is located. It's in Tucson Arizona. I have had it in storage for about 10 years.


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