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Maybe it's the coffee talking, but sitting here staring at my pointer-dial Philly, it got me wondering...

Any indication as to what the popularity would have been for the AM/SW/TV Philharmonic vs the AM/FM once they were both in production simultaneously? Since FM was so new, and only large population centers had any stations, in imagine that sales for the FM version would have been concentrated in New York, Chicago, L.A., etc.

Or did customers want the latest and greatest, and bought the AM/FM based on the future stations they were told were coming?

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Note:  Pre-war era -  the radio's "TV band " is for the  tv program's audio transmitted on short wave on the high frequency band ( the red band on some dials).

Not until post war, and the new 88-104 FM band, was the audio broadcast with the visual signal and then Tv's had an audio system and speakers.

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