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Many of us know that in late 1937 E H Scott offered the Autotrope as part of the Scott lineup of radios.  I recently acquired an Autotrope.  I believe this is the Autotrope that is featured in the Scott News 11/37 as it is white.  The cabinet is solid wood, English oak, and is a white lime finish, which is unusual for mid 1930s.  The Autotrope is complete.  I removed the side panels in order to reduce the weight of the cabinet as I needed to place this cabinet on furniture dollies to move it about.  It is extremely heavy, more some than a Ravenna Grand.  With the side panels removed, I took the accompanying photographs.  Enjoy!

I have attached photos.  What I would truly appreciate is hearing if there is anyone else in this society that has an Autotrope.  I really need some photos of it and have a few questions:

Does it have a Scott 16 or Scott 18?  Are there two speakers or one; and if two, what manufacturer?  Is there a crossover unit present.  What type of finish is on the Autotrope?  I have more questions too.

Please contact me off this site at  Your help is greatly appreciated.


John Meredith

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