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That's one low workbench but Wow. The chrome looks perfect! Is that a Tauscher sound board on the speaker?

Nice!!  I wish mine was in that condition.

Super Duper hot set sounds incredible and very receptive. I can tune every AM station from 800 to 900 with 10KC separation and I get something on all 4 bands with a short 6 foot antenna. Interestingly the eye tubes are opposite of the Philly sets with Tuner eye on the right and VRE on the left

Looks nice. Is there a cabinet?

Yes the cabinet is the Warrington-This is the same radio Bill Liers posted a thread on and you can see his photos on this forum. I put my Tauscher sound board on the speaker to protect it while I drove home in the rented mini van I used. The grandson still had several nice Scotts to sell when I was there. An oxford Laureate and 2 Victoria Phantoms that I remember.

Grandpa was a former EH Scott employee and had quite a nice collection before it was downsized by the estate.

He had a Ravinia Grande and Chippendale Philly that are now in new homes that I know of. The family is keeping a few nice Scotts including an AW23 Milton a nice Napier AW15 and a Warrington Philly.

While the Warrington was one of the low end cabinets I've always thought that it was one of the nicest looking. I have an early Philharmonic in a Warrington that I really like especially the way that all of the hardware really fills the cabinet. 

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