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I have an AW15 with antenna connection different from those pictured in either Wunderlich or 55 operators manuals on the information website.

From the back, left to right, one black(marked ant), two red(unmarked), and one black(ground), for a total of four. All four are the Scott spring loaded plunger posts with hole near the middle.

What complicates proper antenna hook up or use, is that there is a toggle switch on its tuner chassis just to the right of the cable. This switch controls which of the first three posts are active. It appears to receive well enough in either switch position, just that different posts become sensitive.

My guess on the switch is it might be for use of either a tuned antenna or straight line L. If this is so, which switch position, for which antenna configuration?

Ideas, please?

If anyone has set of wood knobs and a wave change lever for the AW15, please let me know.

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Hi Thomas.

Study the AW-15 owner manuals at the Scott document site. It is in the Set folders section under AW-15 section. See page 19 & 20 of that 1934 Wunderlich manual,

Lots of changes during the production of the AW-15. The earlier production Wunderlick sets had pair of red antenna posts in addition to the black ant and ground posts. The red posts were for a special short wave "transposed" antenna with twin lead in using transposition blocks every 18 inches of the lead intended to reduce short wave interference. The the black post was for the normal long wire antenna for the broadcast band. The toggle switch switched between the 2 antennas.


Good afternoon:

All it takes is to look in the correct file!

Antenna now correctly connected.

Thank you for this tip.

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