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AW15 Westminster Cabinet Hardware Questions

Hello everyone!  This is my first post here.  Although I've been collecting and restoring radios for 25 years, Scott radios have always managed to elude me. 

I'm posting now to get some advice on my recent purchase - a late Scott AW15 in a Westminster cabinet.

I purchased this set at the March Donley auction in Union, IL.  The set was advertised as restored by a previous collector, which is always a gamble.  After testing all of the tubes, I powered the set up and I was pleasantly surprised that other than some dirty contacts, the set seems to be in fine operating condition.

The first thing that I would like to address on this set is some issues with missing or incorrect hardware.  Here's what I could use your help with:

#1: The power cord: Mine has been replaced with a rubber cord.  I'd like to put a cloth covered cord and bakelite plug in its place.  I've got an entire shoebox of period-correct bakelite plugs - is there a consensus as to what style of plug Scott used on the AW15?

#2: The lid stay: For whatever reason, the guide portion of my lid stay / lid support is missing.  Does anyone have a clear picture of the lower portion of the lid stay that they can share with me?  I have some brass stock and would like to replicate one but I can't find a picture of what the original hardware looked like.  I only have the upper portion:  

#3: The cable clamp: The screws that hold the amp cable to the side of the cabinet are Phillips head.  Although the patent for the Phillips head screw was filed in July of 1934, I doubt this is the correct hardware for this Scott.  I'm expecting that the correct hardware was an unplated or zinc plated flat head screw?  Can anyone confirm?

#4: The amplifier retainer:  I assume this is metal bracket is not original as I can't find it on any other set.  Either way, I may leave it as it keeps the amplifier from sliding around.  Opinions?

#5: Vernier dial: From what I can tell, this accessory was marketed for the 7-knob AW23.  I've seen it on some other AW15 sets online, but I assume mine was added by a collector.  Is there any documentation of this being offered by Scott as an add-on?  Either way, it's a welcome addition.

Thanks in advance for any knowledge you can share with me!


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1 - Dark brown bakelite/plastic plug. Brown cloth covered AC cable. I will add a photo tomorrow.

2 -lid stay looks right. A round head, brass wood screw into the side rail. look for a hole.

3 & 4. - Scott did not use. Cable was not secured. 

5 -the optional metal "low speed" dial was an option for the 15 and 23 tube models.

lid stay may be on the left or right side. Some are a dark bronze color.


The plug in this photo in on two AW-15's in my collection. A later AW-23 of mine has the came style plug.

Is a replacement power cord like the original - brown cloth covered.

Note the thread wrap to secure the end of the brown braid cover to prevent unraveling, like the original was.

Also, another photo of a lid support with better lighting.


Dave - thanks for your thorough reply!  I've got some dark brown cloth cord on order and have found a plug that's a pretty good match to the one you've photographed.

Regarding the lid stay -  I wish it were as easy as adding a missing screw - but my set has two lower mounting holes and an impression that would indicate that there was once a much larger brass guide in place.  This is the style that I'm trying to get a better picture of:

I've used an image enhancer to get the above image this clear, but cannot tell if this lid stay uses a central screw or a brass rivet.  Anyone?

I think you may find that style lid stay at Home Depot or a Woodcraft store. 

Scott used a more basic kind like my photos for cabinets I have for an AC-10, 2-Dial ORLEANS, AW-12 MILTON GRANDE, both my AW-15's LEDO and WELLINGTON, and a 1937 TASMAN with a Philharmonic and 1940 WAVERLY with Philharmonic. 

But both my AW-23's ( 1935 LAUREATE GRANDE and a 1936 ROSLYN) have what you seek. I'll get a photo for you.

Dave, you're correct that there are many modern lid stays available. 

I checked Home Depot and Ace Hardware without luck.  Woodcraft has one, but it's similar to the one I found at my local Menards big box store - it has a 1.5" mounting screw spacing vs. the original which is 13/16".  I'd rather not drill any new holes in such an obvious place if it can be avoided.

Here is a photo from my Laureate Grande:  IMG_1567.JPG  Like what you seek.

Here is a contemporary version I used when I converted my ACCOUSTICRAFT to lift top:  IMG_1568.JPG, but has Philips head.

Good luck finding what you seek. Would a single brass round head wood screw be acceptable meanwhile?

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