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Can anyone confirm the value of the coil in the AW23 shadow meter? I just finished repairing a bad unit that had a connection corroded by old flux on the hair-fine wire. What a job, but I think I got it back in order. It is currently measuring 650 ohms. Does that resistance sound comparable to what you guys have observed? Also was there supposed to be an extra plastic mask over the meter itself. Looks like two small rivets are in place to hold something onto the front, but whatever was there is long gone. Thanks!

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The meter is in series with a 700 ohm and a 600 ohm adjustable resistor. It is in the cathode circuit of the tube, so 650 ohms sounds like a reasonable value. As long as it works, it should be ok. The meter on my allwave 23 does not have a cover, but I have no way to confirm if it ever did.


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