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I just posted four photos of my pre-"B" Model 800 RF chassis.

I messed up the photo/album thing so if possible could the Mod please move all 4 pics into the one album?

I am told that they only made 150 of this model, then switched to the Model 800-B, of which they made 10,000.

Note the non-standard FM frequencies.

I am also told that the Serial # 17 is the lowest yet found and that there are only 4 found to-date, this being #4.

I do not have the matching amplifier or power supply and am told they are rare as well.

I have not yet decided what I will do with this. Restoration is not my gift, nor do I have the time or funds, so it will likely be sold or traded to someone who would like to do the restoration.

Enjoy the pics!


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Hi David,

If you are interested in selling, please let me know.


I have an Export Receiver, along with a Scout 800 with the separate FM dial.  So, this set would fit nicely in the progression: Export Receiver, 800, your pre-800 B, and then the common 800-B.




John Meredith






One of the other members here bought mine & I presume will be selling his.

He said mine appeared to present a little less restoration work.


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